Upcoming developments - construction work


Hi! I don’t know if this is the good place to post as the forum seems quite empty (I read the part about stuff having been erased, but nothing new appeared so things might be happening somewhere else :slight_smile: ).

I was curious of the upcoming developments, and especially if there was something planned for streets that are under work.

In my work, I sometimes have to produce street sections to show how the planned work is going to impact the mobility, and I feel streetmix would be an easy and nice looking way to do so.

Things I’m looking for the most are a construction work zone that you could add just like any other element or on top of other stuff, the ability to show cars going temporarily over trams rails or other normally “car free” road zones and the ability to add a quick comment to the zone description


Hi GFR, yes, these forums are a great place to post things! Activity did die down because we were encouraging people to use Discord (a chatroom app), but we found a way to have Discourse (the forums provider, similar name, no relation) host us for free which meant we could bring it back up. But that meant having to start with fresh forums.

We do plan to add construction elements, the ability to “combine” items across different elements, and presentation comments. There’s no timeline on this yet, but the plan is to begin introducing these in a paid tier of service so that people using Streetmix professionally will get new features while supporting the continued existence and maintainance of Streetmix.

Let me know if you have thoughts or questions!


Hi lou !

Sounds great ! I’m looking forward to it

I really wish I knew anything about coding ^^’

The paid tier is a great idea. I’ll show the site to my colleagues to give you some publicity!